Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own

Welcome to my latest article covering all the needed essentials of a well-balanced wardrobe for women. A well-balanced wardrobe is something that every woman needs in order to feel secure in terms of clothing. Just follow my guidelines to the wardrobe essentials in order to satisfy your needs in daily dressing. It’s very important to build a strong foundation by using a strategic selection of your everyday essentials that can be mixed and matched with almost everything in your closet. In this post, I will cover such basics, as white shirts, gathered shorts, pantsuits, leather leggings, pencil skirts, fedora hats, denim culottes (yes, they are back, darling!), floral pants, white jeans, and our favorite tulle skirts. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy this inspiring collection of modern woman wardrobe basics and let me know which garment is your favorite?

White Shirts For Underlining Your Classy Style

No matter if you enjoy spending money on the latest fashion trends, or prefer to buy timeless outfits, classic piece, like a white shirt is a need of every woman’s wardrobe.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

This is a kind of garment that goes with almost anything in your wardrobe. It can be styled with different bottoms. I personally like to see women who wear white shirts with navy pants and oversized sunglasses, it reminds me of seventies style look. When you find that perfect white shirt, you never have to worry about not having anything to wear. Frankly speaking, there is nothing more versatile as a white top. It does look awesome with jeans, fancy skirts, and suits. A fitted one will get the most use, it’s easy to tuck and looks chic when left out.

Black Pantsuits For Sophisticated Business Women

Speaking of suits, a great black pantsuit is a must for every lady. It’s a true workhorse in any wardrobe.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

This design is extremely versatile, it can be pulled on for an elegant office look, for parties and meetings. I personally love it for a special sophisticated, mannish appearance. You are free to wear them with heels, flats and even sneakers. The power suit trend is back these days and the eighties inspired look is a must! I definitely recommend to give it a try this year.

Tulle Skirts To Underline Your Femininity

If you are more into ladylike clothes, then you will need a tulle skirt. You might say, this is not an essential wardrobe piece, but for lots of women who want to keep their style feminine, this is considered to be a must-have in their wardrobes.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

Why do I recommend to wear tulle skirts, they compliment and flatter women of all body types, you are free to wear them all year round, they can be styled in different ways, from boho chic to rocker tomboy style. Plus, you are free to find these bottoms in different lengths and textures. I recommend including it as one of your must-haves.

White Jeans For Denim Lovers

In love with denim? Then you need a pair of jeans. These can be white jeans or denim culottes. First of all, let’s see what’s so special about white denim. This closet staple is an essential piece in any woman’s wardrobe. They can be worn to the office, going outs, casual weekend parties and to other cool places. Just make sure you style them right.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

We all love to wear light color clothing in the summertime and white jeans are for those who want to make things look special. I do love these bottoms for making me look slimmer. When I have to go out, I usually pair my white bottoms with dark color blazer and shirt, as I don’t like going white from head to toe.

Floral Pants For Creative Ladies

My next favorites are floral pants. They became classic summer wardrobe essential that can be dressed up and down for various occasions. I remember when floral pans were on a high peak two years ago.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

Now they considered to be classic summer wardrobe bottoms for those times when you want to pull on something bright and chic, but don’t have much time for preparation. Floral pants are the ones that you can easily build a creative outfit. Florals are all about having fun, adding some joy and freshness to your style.

Gathered Shorts For Summer Vacation

Another great staple to have in your wardrobe is gathered shorts. These bottoms are so much more than a wardrobe staple for young ladies. These shorts look awesome with cropped tees, as well as with classic shirts tucked in. Yes, gathered shorts can be worn with pretty much anything, from casual and sporty combinations to more dressed-up clothes.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

Put these bottoms on full display, finish the look by adding your favorite accessories. I personally, love them for their beautiful waist area, making me look modern and trendy.

Faux Leather Leggings To Make You Look Sexy

The power of leggings. If you do like sexy clothing, then faux leather leggings are what you definitely need this year. These bottoms are something special and cool for everyday style. Once you try them on, you automatically achieve that edgy, and sophisticated vibe that keeps you look special and unique.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

Sure, you still have to remember, they are leggings, not typical pants, that’s why make sure to wear them with tunic length tops and sweaters, so you cover your hips. There are several chic ways to wear leather leggings, so you better choose styles that ideally match your personality.

Pencil Skirts To Make You Look Ladylike And Classy

If you do like to wear ladylike clothes, then you definitely should give a try to pencil skirts. This feminine garment is a powerful piece of clothing that flatters most body shapes and events. Yes, you are free to wear pencil skirts to different events, starting from casual ones to formal meetings.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

I do like to see women pairing these bottoms with simple tees and shirts, keep things fresh and chic by adding bold colors and funky prints. If you want to create a more relaxed style, then add oversized or baggy knitwear. I am 100% sure, an oversized top will make you look fabulous. By the way, denim jackets are also ideal for making you look special with pencil skirts. For formal days, you can simply add a white crisp shirt, classic slim fit sweater or a structured blazer.

Denim Culottes For Fun

Another denim piece I wanted to mention is denim culottes. The wide-leg bottoms are effortless and easy to style in everyday life. I do recommend to create a more elevated look with these wide-leg bottoms. I personally wear them during casual Fridays and day offs.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

If you thought this trend is gone, think again, as many celebrities show off inspiring street style looks proving that denim culottes are here to stay for a very long time. You are free to create festive vibe by adding a perfect boho top and colorful accessories, either layer them up with a pair of boots and stylish overcoat.

Fedora Hats

The last, but not least is a fedora hat. This is an accessory that proves: every woman can drastically change her style by simply adding this beautiful accessory on her head. Why do I love fedora hats so much? This headwear makes its wearer look preppy, classy and very individual. There are lots of ways how to make this menswear-inspired accessory look awesome on you.

Wardrobe Basics Every Modern Woman Should Own 2019

First of all, you should find the perfect fit that looks great on your head and fits your face shape. I personally wear black fedoras with casual outfits, this piece instantly makes me look put-together and special. Just a quick style trick to make Fedora look awesome on you: experiment with your hat by wearing it on a different angle, so you look cool and chic.

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