Tomboy Style For Women

Let’s talk about fashion trends. In today’s post, I want to draw your attention to Tomboy style. It becomes a huge trend this year. I see lots of celebrities, actresses, and models rocking it on the streets. This is a perfect look for those ladies who are in love with men’s fashion. You don’t have to be a fan of this style. Sometimes even Barbie girls want to try on comfy clothes in their everyday walks. Believe me, if you use to wear only feminine garb: heels, dresses, and skirts, then you really should give Tomboy a try. Anyway, here are some tips and trick on how to make this trend work for you.

Tomboy Style For Women 2019

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Slip-On Sneakers Are Back In Fashion

It’s time to take a pause from wearing heels and give some time to slip-on sneakers. That’s why I decided to talk about this flat footwear that can be worn in different ways this year. These shoes can be found in many different styles, giving you a sporty, chic and sophisticated look. Sure, they are considered to be a casual footwear, but you definitely can wear them with cocktail dresses, suits and Tomboy separates. In other words saying, there are many ways of how to style slip-on shoes in real life. Just make sure to find your favorite design. Have a look through these street style pics to find best looks to copy this year.

Slip-On Sneakers Are Back In Fashion 2019

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