Leopard Print Shoes Great Ways To Wear Them Now

If you are looking for trendy prints to wear this year, then I recommend giving a try to leopard print. Sure, those of you who are beginners to animal spots, then I recommend starting from the shoes. Wearing leopard print on shoes is both eye-catching and pretty simple to wear. I am bringing you several ideas how to wear this pattern like a real fashionista, I hope there will be no problem for you to find your favorite looks to copy this year.

Leopard Print Shoes Great Ways To Wear Them Now 2019

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Trendy Flat Mules To Try Now

It’s time to say goodbye to OTK boots and welcome Spring flat mules. Once the weather gets warmer, I want you to give a try to this beautiful and functional footwear. They may not be your favorite type of shoes, but you definitely should give them a try! Why do I love them so much? They are kind of shoes with flat soles and easy slip-on style, in other words saying, they are extremely comfortable, no matter how long you are about to wear them.

Trendy Flat Mules To Try Now 2019

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Are Women’s Timberland Boots In Fashion

Are Women's Timberland Boots In Fashion 2019

Everyone is familiar with Timberland boots, right? Today’s story is dedicated to this footwear. You are about to know if these shoes are still trendy now, and how to make them look awesome on a casual run through the town. Timberlands are perfect for low temperatures and snowy weather. They are appropriate for enjoying walking down the streets of big cities. They are waterproof, keep your feet warm and dry all day long. But are they still trendy to wear? Yes, they are still okay to wear in winter time, but they can be quite tricky to style, that’s why I bring to you these casual street style looks completed with Timberland boots.

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Women Boots For Spring

Let me share with you simple ways to bring your boots into spring season. There are fabulous ways to wear them during transitional seasons. It means you can still invest in a great pair. I know many places where you can buy them on sale. Boots are something you can wear year-round. Everything depends on how you style them. In this post, I would like to share my favorite ways to wear boots styled with everyday clothes. You can pair them with simple dresses during the day or be adding bright blazers to finishing off your evening looks. As you have already understood, boots are something very versatile and easy to wear.

Women Boots For Spring 2019

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Slip-On Sneakers Are Back In Fashion

It’s time to take a pause from wearing heels and give some time to slip-on sneakers. That’s why I decided to talk about this flat footwear that can be worn in different ways this year. These shoes can be found in many different styles, giving you a sporty, chic and sophisticated look. Sure, they are considered to be a casual footwear, but you definitely can wear them with cocktail dresses, suits and Tomboy separates. In other words saying, there are many ways of how to style slip-on shoes in real life. Just make sure to find your favorite design. Have a look through these street style pics to find best looks to copy this year.

Slip-On Sneakers Are Back In Fashion 2019

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