How To Style Fedora Hats For Women

If you do like preppy, classy and boyish looks, then I recommend to try on fedora hat. In today’s post, we are about to see best ways how to style fedora hat this year. There are many ways how to make this menswear-inspired accessory look awesome on you.

How To Style Fedora Hats For Women 2019

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Women Must-Try Fashion Looks

In today’s post, I decided to show you my favorite pieces that will refresh your wardrobe in seconds. Sometimes, it feels like we lack something. We want to refresh our closets. Of course, you can buy lots of new dresses and separates, but we are not millionaires. That’s why you can refresh your closet with bright, trendy and sexy pieces and combine them with your current classics and essentials. Anyway, here are my favorite pieces that will not only refresh your wardrobe but also spice up your style.

Women Must-Try Fashion Looks 2019

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Women Plain White Shirts

A plain white shirt is your savior. This top can be worn in so many different ways, as you can make it look casual or dressy. In today’s post, I want to show you awesome ways how to dress up plain shirt this year. You can wear it on its own, mix-and-match things by layering with cozy knits and suit jackets to create different looks. Indeed, there are numerous of styles you can make thanks to a white shirt. I recommend investing in a different kind of plain white tops, starting from tees to button-downs, etc. Keep on reading to find out more.

Women Plain White Shirts 2019

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Fashionable Hat Styles For Women

If you want to keep your head safe, then you better wear a hat. I decided to make this compilation of women’s hat styles you should try this spring. Personally, I find this accessory extremely functional, as it doesn’t only make your outfit look more individual, but also protects your hair from winds, snow, and rain. Of course, you might say wearing a hat may make your hair look disheveled. I think it’s better to have less damage from heat and pollution than having a hat hair. Anyway, I think we should proceed and see all my favorite styles that will complete your spring outfits.

Fashionable Hat Styles For Women 2019

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Boho Chic Clothes: Bohemian Must-Haves

Believe me, the showcased boho chic style ideas will make you look awesome this year. Personally, I associate bohemian trend with the summer season. Believe it or not, but there are several basic ideas how to make this trend work for you. I gathered my favorite garments and accessories that are ideal for creating a perfect boho summer look. Every showcased piece looks casual, comfortable and easy to wear. Be sure to look for long, loose skirts, flat sandals, ruffled blouses and other ladylike basics that will keep you chic and cool. So, here comes an awesome collection my favorites made especially for beautiful bohemian style lovers.

Boho Chic Clothes: Bohemian Must-Haves 2019

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