What Plus Size Dresses Are In Trend This 2018

We do love dresses. Today I bring this awesome 2018 collection of plus size women dresses that are in trend this year. You gonna be wowed by the variety of possible styles. I know, you might say I am a crazy bitch, as it’s quite impossible to wear sexy frocks for women, but the thing is that modern designers have managed to create flattering designs working on any plus-sized girl and lady. That’s why you better forget such phrases as: “I can’t possibly pull that off.” “I don’t have the legs for that!” “That was designed with a woman half my size in mind!” Of course, everyone has their own personal style, but I really fell in love with these precious and unique creations. Here are gathered lovely T-shirt dresses in loose-fit silhouettes, mini frocks, bodycon, fringed and sequined designs.

2018 Plus Size Dresses (11)

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Quilted Leather Skirts Are Back This 2018

What is your favorite skirt? Today I want to share with you a stunning street style compilation of women who appear on the streets wearing this year’s essential- quilted leather skirts. The texture is very important this year. The idea is to really play up your look and feel very individual. One of the easiest ways to follow this trend is to wear a sleek quilted leather skirt. What is so special about it anyway? Let’s see what styles are trending this 2018.

2018 Quilted Leather Skirts (10)

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Awesome Plus-Size Dresses 2018 For Work And Parties

One word I’ve got for you: Perfect! Every single piece in this collection looks unique and original. Believe me, there won’t be any trouble for “pulling off” any dress showcased in this compilation. Forget those bastards who once might tell you: You just aren’t worthy of fashion with a certain size of the shape. Keep in mind, every single human is different on our planet Earth, so uniqueness is something that makes you look different. Check out these styles and find your favorite one to try in 2018.

2018 Plus Size Dresses For Work And Parties (16)

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What Knitted Sweaters Are In Style For Women This 2018

If you want to know latest trends, then you better follow this blog, my dear girl. Today I want to draw your attention to my favorite knitted sweaters that are in style this 2018 year. What is great about fashion basics is that every single piece is really easy to wear and style for any occasion. They are comfortable and stylish for night outs and you don’t feel like dressing up, but you know that you look fashionable. We can consider knitted sweaters to be everyday essentials that ideally fit your work hours, as well as cocktail parties. You can dress them up or down depending on what you accessorize them with. I think it’s time to see some of our favorite designs to wear this 2018 year.

2018 Sweaters Trends For Women (5)

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Leather Skirts: Best Styling Tips For 2018

In today’s post, I am going to show you some of the best styling tips on how to wear your lovely leather skirt this 2018 year. Be sure to check out all street style images by scrolling down your mouse. This sexy bottom will for sure make you look very special during the day and night time. A leather skirt is one of this year’s hottest looks, so you better see various ways of wearing it in your everyday life.

2018 Leather Skirts For Women (1)

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Women’s Military Green Clothes Are Back In 2018

Military Green For Women 2018 Army Colors (1)

The army girl is here! In today’s post, I want to show you best ways to wear military green this 2018 year. Experts say this is a neutral hue color that ideally suits all individuals. It can be incorporated into any outfit seamlessly. You can try in classic sweaterdress in olive green and pair it with your favorite sandals, or you can keep things sophisticated and edgy by wearing the military green blouse tucked in camouflage skinnies or classic blue jeans to keep your look fresh and individual.

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Pleats – New Women’s Fashion Trend 2018

You definitely should try pleats trend this 2018, it’s going to be very popular during Spring season. Why is everyone so obsessed with it? We are going to find out in today’s blog post. You are about to see different ways how to wear this beautiful addition. I am pretty sure you will want to try out this trend someday, that’s why you better sit down and see some great ideas of this beautiful trend that can be found on skirts and dresses. Check them out below to find the best tips and tricks.

Pleats Trend For Women 2018 How To Make It Look Right (1)

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Are Women’s Timberland Boots In Fashion This 2018

Timberland Boots For Women 2018 Street Style (1)

Everyone is familiar with Timberland boots, right? Today’s story is dedicated to this footwear. You are about to know if these shoes are still trendy in 2018, and how to make them look awesome on a casual run through the town. Timberlands are perfect for low temperatures and snowy weather. They are appropriate for enjoying walking down the streets of big cities. They are waterproof, keep your feet warm and dry all day long. But are they still trendy to wear? Yes, they are still okay to wear in winter time, but they can be quite tricky to style, that’s why I bring to you these casual street style looks completed with Timberland boots.

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Slip-On Sneakers Are Back In Fashion This 2018

It’s time to take a pause from wearing heels and give some time to slip-on sneakers. That’s why I decided to talk about this flat footwear that can be worn in different ways this 2018. These shoes can be found in many different styles, giving you a sporty, chic and sophisticated look. Sure, they are considered to be a casual footwear, but you definitely can wear them with cocktail dresses, suits and Tomboy separates. In other words saying, there are many ways of how to style slip-on shoes in real life. Just make sure to find your favorite design. Have a look through these street style pics to find best looks to copy this year.

Slip On Sneakers For Women 2018 Street Ways To Wear Them (1)

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2018 Serenity Blue Clothes For Women Who Want To Underline Their Femininity

I want to show you my favorite trends for this 2018 and today we are going to see serenity blue clothes that can easily underline your femininity, no matter where you are. It looks like we have a comeback of pastels and sweet colors, so you better be ready for this! In this street style collection, I bring you stunning ways how to wear serenity blue colors in real life without feeling misplaced or uncomfortable. All the following clothing combinations can be worn during casual weekends, as well as to work and for other activities.

Serenity Blue Clothes For Women 2018 Best Outfits (1)

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