Incredible Culottes For Women

Please welcome, culottes- your favorite essentials to wear now. These bottoms were seen everywhere last year, that’s why it’s no shock to see them on the streets of big cities this spring and summer season. Why culottes? Personally, I call them cropped wide-leg pants. Indeed, the length of such trousers hits the calf or a bit lower. They’ve got a very retro-inspired look and feel. Most women avoid these styles, believe me, once you know how to wear them in real life, you gonna use them every day. Keep on reading to find my favorite ways on how to wear culottes.

Incredible Culottes For Women 2019

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Denim Trends For Women: How To Wear It

If there is any lady who hates denim, then please, show me her! I will never believe you! I think there is no woman in the world who never tried jeans. Denim is something that always has to be in your closet, no matter if it’s summer or winter outside. Today, we are lucky to see this year denim trends and how to wear them in real life. It looks like nothing has changed. We have our eye on tweed jackets, embellished chambray shirts, boyfriend jeans, our favorite skinnies, overalls, playsuits, dresses, pantsuits, ripped jeans, patchwork jeans and many other awesome denim styles. In other words saying, denim is everywhere. All you need to do is to take on a fresh, new approach and see my favorites and get inspired. I’ve got plenty of ideas to share with you. Believe me, you gonna love every single look in this compilation. Do I have your attention now?

Denim Trends For Women: How To Wear It 2019

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Denim Culottes Is Tricky Fashion Trend

Let’s have a look at this year’s must-have, must-buy bottoms called denim culottes. They are fun, trendy, somewhat retro looking and tricky to style. The first thing that comes to my mind hearing the word culottes, I think of something exaggerated, weird, short-pants. When you see denim culottes, everything changes. New styles that were seen in the latest fashion shows look voluminous, easy to style and pull off. These bottoms look classy, yet sophisticated.

Denim Culottes Is Tricky Fashion Trend 2019

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Spring-Summer Denim For Women

No matter what, no matter how far or how soon, but denim trend is here to stay! In today’s post, we are going to see key denim trends for this year. We see pretty cool transformations, updated shapes, fresh and fashion-forward themes. The hot season comes with traditional denim styles, as well as vintage touches (say hello to 1960’s, 1970’s and 1990’s fashion) and minimalistic updates. Speaking of color palette, then the best choices so far are dark shades, bright blue and washed-out light-blue. The must-haves are denim overalls, boyfriend jeans, skinnies (this is already a timeless look), jackets and midi skirts. Innovative developments revamp colors, washes, silhouettes, and details.

Spring-Summer Denim For Women 2019

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