Pleats – New Women’s Fashion Trend

You definitely should try pleats trend this year, it’s going to be very popular during Spring season. Why is everyone so obsessed with it? We are going to find out in today’s blog post. You are about to see different ways how to wear this beautiful addition. I am pretty sure you will want to try out this trend someday, that’s why you better sit down and see some great ideas of this beautiful trend that can be found on skirts and dresses. Check them out below to find the best tips and tricks.

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The first garment that popped into my mind is a pleated skirt. This pretty garment can be found in different lengths, styles, and colors, that’s why there will be no problem to find the right one for your upcoming activities. It’s no secret, pleats add bulkiness, that’s why they fit women with thinner bodies. If you are a pear-shaped lady, then you better be careful wearing pleats on your butt area, as they can make your bottom half look wider than it’s in real life. Ladies with inverted triangular shapes going to love this trend! It will make them look more feminine. Speaking of possible outfit ideas, then you are free to pair pleated skirts with shirts, blouses tank tops, sweaters, graphic tees, turtlenecks, etc. A pleated skirt can become a part of any street look, from the one that you wear during causal street walks and night outs to office attire. For instance, a blush maxi pleated skirt ideally matches white lace blouse, a navy pleated midi skirt can be a nice choice to wear with matching color V-neck blouse layered with an abstract print blazer. If you don’t want to waste your time searching for a suitable top, then you better try on a pleated dress. It will make a real statement. There are beautiful casual styles, as well as more formal designs that are appropriate for special evening events. These frocks come in solid neutral colors, as well as in bright hues and interesting patterns. Choose a dress according to your body shape. Ladies with full hips should buy fit-and-flare dresses with inverted pleats down the middle, women with straight shapes should look for dresses with defined waists where pleats run over the bust and hips area that creates an illusion of curves. Get inspired and find your favorites right now!

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