Knee High Socks For Women: Simple and Sexy Outfit Ideas

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of knee-high socks is school uniform outfits and Asian anime girls. In today’s post, I want to draw your attention to style images of inspiration for wearing knee-high socks outfits on the streets this year.

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2018 Knee High Socks (14)

Believe me, this addition can make your outfit look cute and sexy. If you do want to make these socks look awesome on you, then you are more than welcome to look through my favorite street style outfit ideas.

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The first outfit that I wanted to mention is a cute anime style. Knee socks are very important for this look. If you want to recreate this style, then you gonna need a sweet-looking button-down shirt, mini flared skirt, blazer, cute shoes and of course knee high socks. Make sure your socks come in the same color as your blazer.

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Those of you who want to feel cozy and sexy, then how about wearing a knitted sweater dress with over-the-knee socks and pumps. The bulky sweater frock will look balanced thanks to your slim legs. If it’s very cold, then you can add tights underneath and wear socks over them. This look reminds me of boho chic style. You can complete this outfit by adding cool sunglasses and retro style handbag.

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If you want to create a cool and casual look, then you should wear knee-high socks with shorts and a pretty top. No matter how your shorts look, as you can try on denim cut-offs, suede or velvet styles with a high or mid waist. This combination works great both for summer and winter seasons. It’s really up to you what shorts you gonna wear.

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If you want to create a sweet looking ladylike outfit, then I recommend pairing your socks with a cute, lightweight dress. Go for flowy design and cover it with an edgy leather jacket if the temperature will drop significantly.

A kind of schoolgirl inspired outfit, we see navy buttoned cardigan worn over white blouse with a neck-tie, knife-pleated mini skirt in tartan, black OTK socks and classic black loafers. I recommend to check my post on layered clothes for women to wear in cold summer, be sure to see my best ideas that can make you look awesome!

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What a lovely outfit, we see a plaid print shirt worn with a gray spaghetti strap dress, blue high socks and black leather boots. I do recommend to check my article on the best plus size dresses for women, you will see lots of cool designs that can be worn from day to night!

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