Cut-Out Shoulder Dresses and Tops Trend For Spring

Cut Out Shoulders Trend For Women 2018 (1)

It looks like we have a comeback of my favorite fashion trends this Spring. Its name is cut-out shoulders that can be seen on tops and dresses. You better get ready, as your shoulders will be the focus again. This trend is an ideal choice for Spring and Summer months and today I want to show you several street styles looks on how to wear this trend in real life. You are about to see several ideas of how to pull it off.

Why do I love this trend so much? It gives you a very special and ladylike appearance, showing off your pretty shoulders. You are going to be covered up, but not buttoned-up! There are many beautiful cut-out shoulder tops out there, where some of them are casual ones and others are dressy. Casual tops can be a great choice to be paired with your favorite jeans or shorts, while dressy blouses can look pretty chic with some high-waisted flared pants and heels or pencil cut skirts. The cut-out shoulder tops can be worn as part of your office attire, night-out outfit or casual look. Just keep in mind one simple thing- your shoulders should be the center part of the whole look. Next thing is a dress with cut-out shoulders. Just like tops, dresses come in casual and dressy styles. A dressy design is the one that is colored in neutral or dark color, whilst casual frocks come in bright and patterned styles. For instance, a lovely blush lace frock with spaghetti straps looks pretty chic complemented with simple flat sandals. I love to see women who appear in bodycon frocks in bright colors, it makes them look extravagant. Complete such look with an elegant updo or a high ponytail. Would be nice to know what are your thoughts about this pretty trend.

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