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If you are an owner of boyfriend jeans, then you might be wondering about awesome ways to make your jeans look ladylike this year. My suggestion to you is to think outside the scope or out of the box. Why? When we hear boyfriend jeans we automatically imagine casual and slouchy outfits by pairing them with sneakers and summer gladiator sandals. Well, it might be some time ago, while nowadays this garment becomes a must-have wardrobe staple that looks ladylike and extremely versatile. In today’s fashion, we see lots of women wearing them with classic and polished accessories. If I do have your attention, then you are more than welcomed to see brilliant ways to wear these denim bottoms in your everyday life.

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Be sure to wear your sophisticated jeans with smart shoes. You can try on stylish heels or block-heeled sandals to create that special vibe balancing between slouchy and elegant look. If you do not like heels, then you can try on polished ballet flats or metallic sandals. Be sure to try on boyfriends with fitted tops. This combo will keep a balanced look. You can complete the outfit by adding a cropped jacket. How about wearing sharp blazer paired with boyfriends? Your slouchy jeans will look awesome styled with a black suit jacket. I am so in love with this high-low balance look. Don’t overdo with layers, otherwise, you will engulf your figure. Be sure to find the right fit that will make all the difference, I suggest buying a pair that tapers in towards the ankle rather than a straight up-and-down cut. Another great way to wear boyfriends is to wear them with the cuffs rolled up at the ankles. I don’t know if you noticed, but the most boyfriend jeans come in light blue washed look. I advise you to try on dark denim wash to create a more polished and timeless look. Add some definition to your waistline by adding a gorgeous belt that for sure will look smart on you. You can try on polished accessories that will make all the difference. Go for chic accessories, like mini satchels, daytime clutches, boxy handbags, as well as statement jewelry, necklaces and luxe bracelets. Are you a fan of boyfriends? Hope to hear from you some thoughts regarding this bottom garment.

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