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There are so many ways to wear your graphic shirts this year. I am happy to show you my favorite tips and tricks how to make your fun top look fancy, chic and trendy. The graphic creates a quirky look. This is an easy way to make your outfit look relaxed and casual. Speaking of graphics, then you can find lots of awesome designs completed with cool prints, caricature, abstract pictures, portrait pictures, catchy phrases and other artsy fronts. In other words saying, this top adds a relaxed street style vibe to any outfit. There are many ways to wear it in your everyday life. That’s why I decided to show you various ways to make a graphic shirt look awesome on you.

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There is one particular combination that drives me crazy, because of its stunning look. I mean graphic T-shirt paired with boyfriend jeans. This ultimate outfit combination is simple and extremely functional. These items can give you a cool street style Tomboyish look. If it’s hot outside, then I recommend to try on ripped, cuffed boyfriends and style them with a lightweight graphic T-shirt and complete the look by adding striped kimono cardigan. If you do want to achieve a kind of dressy appearance, then you should try on a stylish blazer. This is an ideal way to make graphic tee work for office hours, as you can simply sneak it underneath a beautiful suit jacket. Keep in mind one simple rule: let your T-shirt be the only casual piece in your outfit, otherwise, you risk to look unpolished. The blazer can be either classic dark colored or brightly hued. Anyway, next way to freshen up your tee is to tuck it inside pencil skirt. Believe me, this is a perfect way to create an unexpectedly chic street style look. Just imagine yourself wearing relaxed-fit tee tucked into a sexy, posh-looking skirt. In other words saying, this combo will create a beautifully balanced look. Graphic tee looks awesome paired with anything made of leather, starting from the leather jacket, pants to boots and skirts. This combo looks edgy and rock chic inspired. One of my favorites is the elongated black leather jacket styled with a white graphic T-shirt tucked in pleated, lightweight maxi cream blush skirt completed with black leather lace-up ankle boots. Be sure to try on your favorite top paired with colored or printed trousers. This combo will make you look less boyish and sweeter and feminine.

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