Spring-Summer Denim For Women

No matter what, no matter how far or how soon, but denim trend is here to stay! In today’s post, we are going to see key denim trends for this year. We see pretty cool transformations, updated shapes, fresh and fashion-forward themes. The hot season comes with traditional denim styles, as well as vintage touches (say hello to 1960’s, 1970’s and 1990’s fashion) and minimalistic updates. Speaking of color palette, then the best choices so far are dark shades, bright blue and washed-out light-blue. The must-haves are denim overalls, boyfriend jeans, skinnies (this is already a timeless look), jackets and midi skirts. Innovative developments revamp colors, washes, silhouettes, and details.

2018Summer Denim Trends For Women (20)

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Plaid Print Clothing For Women From Head To Toe

There are tons of ways to wear plaid print. You can wear it with blazers, skirts, and more. Today, I want to speak about beautiful ways of wearing checks from head to toe. In this compilation are gathered stunning bloggers who appear on the streets wearing stunning plaid shirts teamed with matching leggings, checkered jackets worn with matching skirts, as well as tartan dresses styled with matching heels. Be sure to try this trend and keep everything bright, as you dress to impress everyone!

2018 Plaid Print Clothes For Women (14)

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Striped Clothing For Women

I hear fashion experts fighting each other regarding horizontal and vertical stripes abilities to make you either slimmer or wider. Traditionally, we know that plus-sized ladies should avoid wearing horizontal stripes, as such stripes give an illusion of bulk, but it appears to be a harsh mistake after all. Horizontal stripes have an opposite effect, as you appear taller and more 3 dimensional when wearing horizontal stripes. Personally, I think vertical and horizontal stripes can look both ideally cool when you style them correctly. So let’s get down to the business and see how to wear striped clothing for women this year.

2018 Striped Clothes For Women (16)

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1970s Boho Style For Women Is Back For Real

Experts say history repeats itself and the best place to see that is fashion. The today’s fashion world takes us back to 1970’s boho decade with a more modern approach. We see various fashion collections featuring fringe details, tunics with dramatic sleeves, flared jeans, floor-skimming maxi skirts and dresses, ankle platforms, softly draped printed billowy blouses and suede essentials. It’s a modernized revival of 1970’s spirit of dressing. This is a perfect year to embrace your inner Haute hippie with the best of spring bohemian staples. If you are ready to make a stylish statement, then I am here to show you my favorite groovy must-try street style looks. Be sure to stand out in the crowd.

1970 Boho Style For Women (15)

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Amazing Tartan Clothes For Plus Sized Girls

The 1990’s fashion hits us with its amazing plaids clothing, offering us stunning tartan shirts, checkered skirts, plaid leggings and gingham blouses. The comeback of grunge is evident this year. It’s no surprise to see lots of interesting offerings from so many brands and designers. Everyone can wear plaid print, even plus sized women. Today I am happy to share with you my favorite checkered looks that are ideal for 14+ sized ladies. Stay tuned and keep on scrolling to find out more.

2018 Tartan Print For Plus Size Women (8)

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Quilted Leather Skirts Are Back

What is your favorite skirt? Today I want to share with you a stunning street style compilation of women who appear on the streets wearing this year’s essential- quilted leather skirts. The texture is very important this year. The idea is to really play up your look and feel very individual. One of the easiest ways to follow this trend is to wear a sleek quilted leather skirt. What is so special about it anyway? Let’s see what styles are trending this year.

2018 Quilted Leather Skirts (10)

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Awesome Plus-Size Dresses For Work And Parties

One word I’ve got for you: Perfect! Every single piece in this collection looks unique and original. Believe me, there won’t be any trouble for “pulling off” any dress showcased in this compilation. Forget those bastards who once might tell you: You just aren’t worthy of fashion with a certain size of the shape. Keep in mind, every single human is different on our planet Earth, so uniqueness is something that makes you look different. Check out these styles and find your favorite one to try now.

2018 Plus Size Dresses For Work And Parties (16)

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What Knitted Sweaters Are In Style For Women

If you want to know the latest trends, then you better follow this blog, my dear girl. Today I want to draw your attention to my favorite knitted sweaters that are in style this year. What is great about fashion basics is that every single piece is really easy to wear and style for any occasion. They are comfortable and stylish for night outs and you don’t feel like dressing up, but you know that you look fashionable. We can consider knitted sweaters to be everyday essentials that ideally fit your work hours, as well as cocktail parties. You can dress them up or down depending on what you accessorize them with. I think it’s time to see some of our favorite designs to wear this year.

2018 Sweaters Trends For Women (5)

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My Favorite Ankle-Booties To Wear Now

Finally, I found what you have been looking for. This is a perfect collection of women’s ankle-boots to wear this year. Today I want you to know all the best styles to wear from Mondays to Sundays without feeling misplaced. I am pretty sure you gonna find your favorite fall-to-spring model that is appropriate for just about all occasions. No matter if you are walking around the city center, or you are on your way to work, or dinner, a great pair of ankle booties will take you wherever you want to go.

2018 Ankle Boots Street Style For Women (17)

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Leather Skirts: Best Styling Tips

In today’s post, I am going to show you some of the best styling tips on how to wear your lovely leather skirt this year. Be sure to check out all street style images by scrolling down your mouse. This sexy bottom will for sure make you look very special during the day and night time. A leather skirt is one of this year’s hottest looks, so you better see various ways of wearing it in your everyday life.

2018 Leather Skirts For Women (1)

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