Are Women’s Timberland Boots In Fashion

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Everyone is familiar with Timberland boots, right? Today’s story is dedicated to this footwear. You are about to know if these shoes are still trendy now, and how to make them look awesome on a casual run through the town. Timberlands are perfect for low temperatures and snowy weather. They are appropriate for enjoying walking down the streets of big cities. They are waterproof, keep your feet warm and dry all day long. But are they still trendy to wear? Yes, they are still okay to wear in winter time, but they can be quite tricky to style, that’s why I bring to you these casual street style looks completed with Timberland boots.

These boots were originally made in the seventies for construction workers and lumberjacks. They instantly became popular and famous for durability. Then came hip-hop culture, and Timberlands started to appear on the streets. Many celebrities were seen wearing these boots everywhere around. That’s how these shoes gained the status of a fashion staple. You are free to pair them with black leggings, oversized pullover and navy bomber jacket, keep it smart-casual with skinny jeans, burgundy cable-knit sweater, and black wool coat, or have fun with ripped jeans, khaki green bodysuit with a lace-up neckline and cream-white draped coat. Timberlands are yellow colored, but in today’s fashion, you can find them in all possible colors, from yellow, black to pastel and vibrant designs. This footwear can easily pop out from the rest of your outfit. I love to see such footwear paired with dresses, parka jackets, down jackets, as well as with the different type of coats. Anyway, let’s see what’s trending this year.

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